No Tears!

Dr. Aiden Sone and his team are truly amazing! My son had a traumatic experience with another dentist with lots of crying, screaming and even throwing up. Even though his office is a longer drive for us, it's WELL WORTH it to see my son get through a check up and cleaning with no tears and coming out with smiles! The whole family is transferring to Sone Dentistry now!




I had an outstanding experience with Dr. Aiden Sone and his professional staff. I learned the hard way of delaying the removal of my wisdom teeth for years until one day when the pain was completely unbearable, and pain killers simply did not work anymore. Without any appointment, Dr. Sone and his staff took care of me, made me feel really relaxed, and removed the impacted wisdom tooth that very day. I have heard horror stories from some people about removing wisdom teeth, and I must say my experience was excellent. Not only did I get very little swelling after, but Dr. Sone’s technique and tooth removal procedure really left me in a state of tolerable pain just hours after my tooth was removed. I was fine the next day with absolutely very little discomfort. I would like to personally thank everyone at Dr. Sone’s office for the professionalism they show towards patients, and also care with follow up phone calls on patient status. A+



Patient for Life


I started seeing Dr. Sone after he did a great job straightening my son's crooked teeth. This guy treated me like family when I entered his office. He sat me down and explained my options to me (I had an infection in the bone – who knew?). He even gave me the cleaning himself. Also, he is the only guy to ever do a screening for head/neck cancer. He convinced me to quit smoking and actually seemed concerned about my health. Thanks my friend, you have a patient for life.




Exceptional Dentist, Very Thorough


I've been going to few different dentists for the past several years and couldn't find one that I was satisfied with – that is until I visited Dr. Aiden Sone at Sone's On Sheppard Dental Center. He is an exceptional dentist: friendly, knowledgeable, and I can tell he's very passionate about his work. He took an x-ray of my teeth, displayed it to me on the computer screen, and carefully explained to me which teeth required immediate fixing and the ones that he'll be keeping a close eye on. He was very thorough when working with my teeth, told me exactly what he was doing every step of the way, and ensured I was fully satisfied. Even though it's a 40 minute drive, I've been going to Dr. Aiden Sone ever since. Highly recommended!







I've had various fillings done at Dr. Sone's old office.

Dentistry - This guy knows what to do with it. A real Michaelangelo.


Dr. Bhanwath


Emergeny Root Canal Therapy!!!


Dr Sone was truly amazing. I am so scared of dentists and needed a root canal. He was very patient, explained everything in detail, and had very gentle hands throughout the whole procedure. He ensured there was enough freezing the whole time and i did not feel anything. He went out of his way to help me with my severe tooth pain and I am so pleased. It shows that he really cares about his patients and has the knowledge to do well with complicated dental procedures.


Exceptional Replacement


I have been a patient of Dr. Aiden Sone for the last couple of years. My experience has been exceptionally pleasant. My previous dentist of 35 years retired and I did not believe that I could replace him with anyone equal. Well, I have found an exceptional replacement. Dr. Sone is up to date, knowledgeable, friendly and very concerned about your health. His staff was well chosen. They compliment Dr. Sone. Thank you Dr. Sone.