Kids dentistry Newmarket

Pediatric Dentistry


Bringing your child to the dentist at an early age is as important as when you are an adult.  Many fears adults have of the dentist are usually from early childhood traumatic experiences.


Dr. Aiden Sone wants to slowly introduce your child to their new dental home, not when they have a cavity or a problem, but when their first set of teeth start coming in.  Each child starts with a short guided tour of the office, followed by a ride in the chair.  A quick exploration of a couple dental intruments and maybe even a quick look in their mouth ending with a present to take home from our toy filled apple bucket.


This experience will be expanded upon with each subsequent dental visit, introducing tooth brushing  and how to use toothpaste.  And very quickly your child will be excited when they hear its time to visit Sone Dentistry on Stonehaven.