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Mouth Guard


Mouth guards, also known as sport guards come in a few different varieties.  There is the stock mouth protectors which are bulky and not very comfortable.  The boil and bite style which is warmed up in hot water and moulded better to your teeth than the stock guards, but still tend to be very bulky.

Sone Dentistry provides you with the least bulky and most protective guard for your teeth to protect you when playing sports.

Not only do our mouth guards protect your teeth, but there is also research to support a decrease in concussions. 

So enjoy your playtime, but be protected.  Call us at 905-235-9111 to discuss whether a sports guard might be right for you.




Night Guard


Do you wake up with a sore jaw?  Does your significant other tell you that you grind your teeth at tight?


Protect your teeth from your nocturnal habits by using a night guard. 

A night guard is a minimal appliance that you can wear either on your top or bottom teeth to add a little separating between your teeth to prevent the premature erosion of your dentition.

Ask Dr. Aiden Sone whether there are signs and discuss any symptoms to see if a dental night guard would be right for you.