Dental implants Newmarket

Dental Implants



A missing tooth can not only be damaging to a persons self-confidence, but can have a detrimental effect on the remaining teeth as they must now carry the burden of extra forces from the powerful jaw muscles.


A brilliant solution to tooth loss is now mainstream amongst the dental community.  Dental implants provides a safe and highly effective method of replacing a lost tooth.


A dental implant is basically a manmade tooth root which is painlessly inserted into the bone and left briefly to permanently integrate into the bone so that a tooth may be attached to the surface of the implant.


When a bridge is not an option, and a tooth replacement is desired.  Dental implants have become the GOLD STANDARD in replacing a missing tooth. It is as close to a natural tooth as we can provide.

Computer Guided Dental Implants



Keeping up with advancing techniques and technologies, Dr. Aiden Sone is proud to introduce computer guided dental implant placement.

With the aid of 3-Dimensional (3D) radiography and specialized 3D printing, Sone Dentistry is able to provide highly accurate implant placement which minimizes implant placement time.

So what does this mean?  The same quality implants placed in a fraction of the time with exact precision.  All the surgical planning is done beforehand on computer.  

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